Small business owners are always looking for the edge in marketing their goods and services.  For some, elaborate brochures and pitch videos do the trick, but for those in the service industry, barely making ends meet, being smart about your marketing dollars really counts.   If you have a good reputation, word of mouth is the best marketing tool you can use.   When your customers praise you and your work ethics, it’s because you’ve provided the kind of service no slick brochure can articulate.  If you’re running a small business or mom and pop that caters to the do-it-yourself flipper or fixer upper, you know how important it is to have a sterling reputation, along with years of experience and the construction equipment needed to get the job done.  That’s why using the services and supplies from a reputable dealer like Grainger is a must.  Grainger offers the top of the line tools and accessories needed for the most taxing job.  But they also have deals you can get when you shop their site through Groupon.

Flipping houses is big business in today’s economy.  The impact it has on neighborhoods has been debated for many years with those on one side saying it revitalizes neighborhoods and provides badly needed tax revenue, makes the city safer and creates a path to home ownership for young families and first time buyers.

On the other side, opponents say long established neighborhoods are torn apart and older residents are forced to move after decades or generations of living in the community because taxes go up beyond their ability to pay.  Those in the business have the reputation of being callous, taking advantage of a seller by buying their property way under the market value.  Those in the business say there are good reasons why some houses are sold cheaply that the public might not know about.  In some cases the seller wants out quickly and sells just to get the property off their hands.  This is often the case when an elderly owner dies and leaves the property to an heir who has no interest in living in that community.

REO’s also play a part in why houses are bought and flipped for a profit.  Banks are anxious to rid themselves of these properties that get more expensive the longer they stay in inventory.   In this case, the bank is the one losing money on the financing of the property so they are more willing to accept a price below market value to get the house off their books.

Whether you’re for flipping houses for profit, or need the services of a handyman for a small project around the house, word of mouth is still golden.  Before you sign a contract, be sure to ask for referrals and check out their work.  If you have any doubt about their abilities, leave them alone, or you’ll be the one flipping your lid.