When I first moved to Texas, I was married. My husband took care of most of the things in getting our new home set up, so I was really clueless when I had to do all of that for myself when we divorced a few years after relocating. Most of it was pretty easy, but I did have some trouble at first with which energy provider to choose. I had no idea that people who live in Texas have it much nicer than so many others since we can choose our own. I was lucky to find a website page that had a lot of information on it about the different providers, and it is what helped me decide on the one that I am using now.

I thought that I was going to just go with the first one I read about. I figured that they all must be pretty much the same because they all provide energy to homes and businesses. I really did not think that they would have too many differences. I was wrong though. I was able to read a bit about each company, and I was surprised at just how different they are.

Sure, they all provide energy, but they all have different rate plans and packages. Some are more green than others too. That is what really interested me the most because I had never really considered clean energy before. I was able to read all about how each company tackles it, and that is how I made my decision. I might be new to the green movement, but everyone has to start somewhere. I am just really glad that I was able to choose an energy provider that cares about our environment as much as I do. It helps that the prices are quite reasonable too!